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Take My Discount, Please!

Save money on your local concerts, tours, plays, musicals, comedy, events and exhibits

Why are tickets so expensive these days? It’s no wonder why people spend most of their time glaring at their screens instead of enjoying true artists performing live for their entertainment — because it costs too much most of the time. $75 or $100 and more per ticket? It doesn’t have to be this way.

  • Skip to the list of cities below. Check out all of the super discount tickets that are available now in your local area. Seriously, a lot are 1/2 off the original price of these decent shows, tourist attractions and events.

I worked for an awesome arts-oriented organization in my younger years, The Baltimore Center for the Performing Arts. We sold tickets for live productions — musicals, plays, and concerts. It was a pretty low-paying job but everyone who worked there bonded well, in part because we all enjoyed creativity and supported the arts. I could not afford most of the productions myself on that hourly pay, but one of the best perks was complimentary tickets to go to the shows sometimes, usually when seats were left available — unfilled and unused.

I was gifted the opportunity to see a lot of the most popular productions happening then. With famous actors I had only seen before in TV or movies and magazines. I fell in love with the musicals and the ability of performers to craft an emotional story line day and night, 7 shows a week. How did they remember all those lyrics and notes and lines? Where to stand, the dance steps, the timing of the lighting and the sound…. Just an amazing amount of effort by everyone involved.

And we also got lots of summer concert tickets — most were taking place when I was busy working, so I never got to see many of them; but I was able to transfer them to my mom. And she really cherished the opporunity to go to see her favorite singers at the Pier Six Pavilion with her friends.

The arts enrich our lives creatively. They boost our communities with inspirational talent and interactions. And they give us all shared experiences and memories that last a lifetime.

But attending a production or going on a tour can cost a lot to keep the performers, spaces and staff in business. So, the price of tickets ends up being too high for a lot of people who would otherwise love to go — including me. Oddly enough, this situation often results in empty seats — available seats just waiting to be scooped up.

Empty Seats & Early Sales = Affordable Tickets & Super Discounts for You!

There’s live entertainment available for you, in your city or town, right now — with big savings on tickets! Below, I have compiled a list of local regions which have ticket offers today. You can save as much as 50% on a lot of these major shows. They want you to come — the performers, the theater crew, and the event organizers. Nobody wants to see their venues only half full. So, here, take their discounts, please….

Don’t wait too long to decide! Tickets are limited to available space, and discounts tend to disappear as the show dates near. You deserve to enjoy the entertainment produced by your favorite city. And you can support the arts in a way that’s affordable, too!

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