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1,000 Subscribers on YouTube — Thanks everybody!

I met my goal of 1,000+ subscribers by the end of this month.

Made this little animation to celebrate. (6 seconds = 4 hours of FlipaClip)

YouTube sent me a notice saying they were going to cancel all existing monetization contracts that hadn’t yet met their requirements.

I already had 950+ subscribers from the years of videos I’d posted; so, I just needed a few more. But that counter was going really slow.

Thankfully, my friends really came through at the end. Normally, I would never ask them, or anyone, to “follow” me or “like” anything I create. I’m just not that way. I prefer strangers to judge me — haha. “If you build it they will come.” A movie miracle fantasy is probably not the best marketing strategy, eh?

Anyway, I was so happy to have met the 1,000 YouTube subscriber mark this morning — finally, finally, finally!

And then, I checked the status…. Ugh! They have a secondary requirement. 45,000 viewing hours over the past 12 months.

YouTube has 2 requirements for monetization — 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 viewing hours.

Well, unless I come up with some brilliant video of something particularly interesting to a wider audience, I guess I won’t make the goal by the end of the month. That’s disappointing, but they claim that it’s easy to reapply. So, hoping for that to be true. I had so many 100s of thousands of views that never earned a penny, and that’s unfortunate, too. But, ah well — moving on.

The challenges with YouTube over the past 3 years have been numerous for me and most other content creators. They have all been complaining about a huge drop in revenue, and restrictions on content that is not “advertiser friendly.” Between the mean videos and the robots posting millions of junk videos every day, I understand the dilemma that YouTube faces with wary advertisers and the need to dissuade scammers (is that even possible).

So, I keep trying. Ideas frequently waft in and out of my brain. Time and effort and commitment are precious things, indeed.

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