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I Said I Could Do It! 3-year Genealogy project accomplished + Skills learned

I finally put all the pieces together for this genealogy research project. And I am really happy to say: Mission Accomplished! My in-laws had a...

Deer Proof Flower Garden

My mom kept suggesting that she wanted to turn part of the grass in her modestly sized yard into a new flower garden. She...


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Wonder Woman 1984: Retro theme brings back 80’s-style goofy story telling, too

Wonder Woman 1984 (WW84) has some really fun parts and some very good effects. It also has a lot of parts that don't make...

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In Memoriam: A childhood memory to let go

When I was very young -- probably not yet seven years of age -- I had one of those lifelong memories emotionally glued to...

1,000 Subscribers on YouTube — Thanks everybody!

I met my goal of 1,000+ subscribers by the end of this month. Made this little animation to celebrate. (6 seconds = 4 hours...

So, I’m standing next to my idol at the grocery store. Do I say “hi?”

In this crazy world of political, social, financial and environmental upheaval, there are a few rational voices left among the top seats of power...

Confessions of a Paperboy

A Career of The Printed Word: Part 1 First post. Maiden launch. Let's just call this website a personal notebook. I know what I’d like...
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Limited palettes ?: Restriction is a good thing

I’m experimenting with colors in ways that I really haven’t before. I had lots of classes in the past years of school oh so...

Creativity Rekindled: Learning to Draw Again

Most of my friends consider me to be artistic or even" an artist," but, I say: “You have to make art to be an...